Reading Is Feeding

Reading Is Feeding (1)

What Are Our Brains Eating


Everyone knows that we need a variety of nutritious foods and exercise to keep our bodies healthy. Many people have heard that fish is “brain food” and there are numerous websites offering “brain games” to keep our brains healthy.

Television and video games are NOT inherently evil. But, just as a steady diet of hot fudge sundaes will rob our bodies of needed nutrients to function optimally, so will a steady diet of visual stimulation rob our brains of important abilities (i.e. discernment, attention span, focus, relational intelligence, etc., etc.).

Reading is feeding! Where television and video games raise our stress level (brain-cell killers) reading relieves it, even with a can’t-put-it-down-page-turner. Reading fuels our imagination and creativity. Reading enhances our ability to think clearly and critically.

What is your brain eating today – this week – this month – this year?

What is your child’s brain eating today – this week – this month –this year?

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