For Parents/Teachers

Waiting Room Games


Ever find yourself in a pediatrician’s (or name any other) waiting room for longer than you anticipated with bored and/or anxious kids?

“Why don’t we play a game”?

  1. Find It: Each player chooses a magazine. (The first to find__________ (i.e. picture of a dog or ___________; the word “________” gets the point). The one with the most points wins.
  2. What If: (make up a story together). (i.e., First person- “What if a talking dog walked into the waiting room and”. Second person- “he sat next to me and asked to borrow a pen. . .” First or third person- “because he wants to give you his address for a birthday party for his pet cat,” etc. etc.)
  3. What Is It: (Pictionary type game) First person draws one shape or line. Others guess after each addition until someone guesses correctly or the picture is complete.
  4. Find your name: Even a brochure can be used for a game. Give everyone a pen or pencil and have them circle the letters for their name or other words.

What games do you play?